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Manufacture of all Plastic Nylon, PTFE and Brass Components

We are certified as an ISO 9001-2015.




About Us


                 S.T.Industries was established in the year of 1995 with two Manual Injection Molding Machine and now in 2021 we have five Automatic Injection Mold Machine, two Grinding Machine and also we have Secondary Company Recycling two Extruder Machine with help of running successful manner.

                  At S.T.Industires our purpose is to do useful Plastic Components. And then Twenty seven years ago. We have an Injection Molding Machine. today as we doing same As well as Injection Molding production and more that more is providing the very best customer service customer experience, and company culture we aim to inspire the world by showing its possible to deliver happiness to customers, employee, vendors, shareholders and the community in a long term sustainable way.

                 Our Endeavour is to supply high quality components as per customer’s specifications.

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